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* If you have your own logistics provider and want to handle your own shipping for large orders (20 – 500 plants) – just contact us we are happy to accomodate. (We do not accept in person pickups – Only the main logistics companies.)
* All product pages contain product shipping weights and dimensions – you can calculate quotes with your own providers from those dimensions.

How Does My Plant Ship?
For Pups and Babies we ship in a transparent recyclable plastic pot. We use organic padding to protect the plant during shipping and your plant will arrive already in a small pot with potting mix.
* Plants are watered day prior to shipping to minimise wilting risk in transit.

You May find that shipping is the most expensive part of your AloePlants experience. If you buy a single plant only It may be cheaper to go to a local nursery with shipping in mind. That’s fine. We support local nurseries. But we are designed for people that what to buy multiple plants. Our prices scale down the more you buy. So when you check out we want you to see great value in what you are buying plants and shipping included. You do want lots of aloe in your home so consider adding 5, 10 even more plants to your cart and when you have a tray of 10 pups arrive at your home just ready for planting you will see the value of the Aloe Plants Experience.